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Inactivity and Indecision Is Lethal

The World Is Not Dangerous, But It Is

By on October 30th, 2017

The World Is Not Dangerous Because Of Those Who Do Harm But Because Of Those Who Look Without Doing Anything.

In chaotic times, difficult moments, dangerous and challenging seasons of life, leaders rise up. Leadership is taking action when it is not convenient, easy, or appropriate. It is what makes leadership so difficult and challenging.

In midst of uncertainties, changes, chaos, and turmoil, real leader arise and I am not referring to the individuals with titles but rather to those who understand that their inaction is more damaging to their sphere of influence. I have discovered that real leaders do rather than complain. They rise up, step up, speak up and some also provide the platform for divergent voices to be heard.

Yet again, I am reminded of this great quote which highlights the danger of inaction or passivity.

“The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

Here are three things, real leaders do:

Real leaders confront and resist fear

  • One of the biggest ‘human’ challenge is FEAR, the paralyzing force that overwhelms the spirit and soul to inactivity. That overcoming spirit that regardless of it’s source (self imposed, culturally induced) neutralizes the win to act. A lot has been discovered over the years on the chilling effect of fear on the human spirit which acts like a poison that literally decimates from within. It is that fear that hold people back and prevent them from living a maximized life. As a leadership coach, I have observed repeatedly in my clients the amazing results and possibilities that is unleashed when “fear” is no longer a limiting barrier or factor.

Real leaders speak up

  • Culled from the amazing story of Elie Wiesel, who exemplified a voice that refused to be silent. Elie didn’t wait for permission or the right time or perhaps his turn to speak, his recollection as an Auschwitz survivor amplified the silence of many victims. By speaking up, he became an eloquent witness for the millions killed during the 2nd world war. According to the New York Times, his work is revered for searing the memory of the Holocaust on the world’s conscience. Furthermore, when Elie was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, it was not so much by the work he did but for the gaping void he filled. His voice emerged to drive home the enormity of what had happened and how it changed mankind’s conception of itself and of God. As a leader, you have to speak up!

Real leaders fill voids

  • In Elie’s story we are informed that his words addressed a gap, “For almost two decades, both the traumatized survivors and American Jews, guilt-ridden that they had not done more to rescue their brethren, seemed frozen in silence. But the sheer force of his personality and stories, Mr. Wiesel, who had been liberated from Buchenwald as a 16-year-old with the indelible tattoo A-7713 on his arm, gradually exhumed the Holocaust from the burial ground of the history books. True leadership is revealed by actions and here was an action that truly changed history. Real leaders find a gap and fill it.

So How do I start?

Over the years, I have read articles very similar to mine and wondered so what next, here are a few ideas of what you can do, right where you are and starting now –

  1. Stop waiting for a sign or permission
  2. Remember, there is no perfect time, so start where you are
  3. Start with what you have
  4. Start today – speak up, write, share, teach, articulate, illustrate, encapsulate, create, invent

The world needs you – your impressions, inputs, perspective and contributions.

Lastly, consider this great quote on what it means to live bold…

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” – Elie Wielsel


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