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Image Source: Highpoint Church, Memphis

OPINION: “Andy Savage’s Standing Ovation Was Heard Round the World. Because It Was Wrong.”

By on January 12th, 2018

The response was wrong.

How we act, respond, speak matters

What we say, when we say it and how we say it truly does matter.

Again, the church is in a position where it seems like the victims are not being heard.
In my work, I advise leaders to lead and not wait to be forced or asked to lead.
Great leaders is about acting promptly and less so reacting promptly.
Leaders must show up before they are forced to do so.
That is great leadership!
Honestly, there is great interest in this story and I appreciate how ED STETZER framed it, “this story of Andy Savage, the megachurch teaching pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis, exposes the problem, not only do we have a questionable standing ovation after a problematic apology, but also accusations that church leadership were and continue to be involved in marginalizing the victim.
Andy Savage’s Standing Ovation Was Heard Round the World. Because It Was Wrong.
“When Woodson tried to reach out to Savage a month ago by email, she indicated she never heard back. Instead, Savage confessed the “sexual incident” to his church this past Sunday, not denying any of the story and apologizing for his role. In response, the church gave him a standing ovation. That standing ovation has been heard around the world.”
Very unfortunate!
Leaders, please understand the following –
  1. Understand that the #MeToo campaign is shining a spotlight on widespread misogynistic behavior
  2. Understand that there will be multiple stories with far ranging implications but we must not lose sight of the fact that the victims are truly the victims
  3. Understand that this movement will upend many institutions, communities, societies, families and individuals
  4. Understand that organizations must not ignore the stories of these victims and must show leadership by acting promptly and show compassion for those who have endured abuse, neglect, and injustice
  5. Understand that we are never to protect abusers but victims.
  6. Understand that there is a right response, seek it out
  7. Understand that your board (circle of leaders, influence) should be diverse to provide sound direction
  8. Understand that the great focus in such cases must be on the “gospel / witness” and not any individual
  9. Understand that this is not going to stop anything soon and be ready for more
Remember Leadership & Relationship Matters,
Dr. Flo
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